Crafting Confidence: Our Inception – Why did we create Liquid Scissors?

For many years, the entire team at Liquid Scissors has been in search of great hair products that allow us to start our day with a touch of style and confidence.  I myself have tried dozens of products over the years from pomades to sprays to powders to anything that could add a bit of flair to my hair.  PG and I truly have fun with our hair, as we are constantly changing up hairstyles every 3-4 months.

We watch the trends moving across the US, Europe, and Asia.  Everything from growing it longer to style a classic shape to trimming it down to a clean taper with an organized chaotic flow and everything in between or beyond.


Our feeling has always been, if you are blessed to have good hair, take advantage of it while you have it cause some day you are going to wake up and it will be gone!  No regrets.

Over the years we have kept at trying new products, classic products, and even trendy fads.  With so many products to choose from, we always found ourselves still wanting.  We could never land on a single brand that met all of our needs and desires.  We’d find a product that we liked and then would experience inconsistencies from batch to batch, lack of availability in stock, hard to locate, smelled crappy, crunchy, flaky, took an hour to wash out, or just lacked complimentary products to build a style properly.  We found ourselves using products from different lines to achieve a single look.  Even if we could find a brand with a few products to use together they oddly would have a multitude of fragrances across their line.  This fragrance layering issue gives most people a headache.  We never understood why most brands just didn’t create a signature scent and then stick with it.  And the packaging, ah the packaging… it is as if every brand put zero effort into the actual vessel that holds the product.  Boring colors, forgettable branding, and shitty plastic.  Sound familiar?  This is the packaging playbook for every brand on the shelf today.  How can someone get excited about a product if the brand itself isn’t?

We knew we could do better.  Armed with our experiences and the ability to access all aspects of creating the perfect hair styling products, we set out to solve all of the issues we were plagued with and make a line we would love, with you in mind.  We took our time doing it, as our development process was over two years long and we had no desire to rush our pursuit of better.  First up was selecting the initial products to introduce.  We landed on five that we felt covered nearly every hairstyle one would try to achieve.  From setting the style foundation, to applying the final touches, to locking it in, to the desired finish, we had to make sure you were covered.  We then focused on the three most important aspects of a hair styling product, what we coined as the 3P’s: Packaging, Perfume, and Performance.  We applied our aerospace know-how in designing the perfect packaging (yep, airplane shit – what!).  Packaging that would jump out at you and capture your attention from anywhere in the room.  Aerospace-grade materials (literally, no bullshit) that are machined and coated as if our tubs and bottles were being used to build an F-Platform fighter jet (we designed and tested the packaging prototypes in one of our former aerospace processing plants to ensure we got them right).  We not only wanted our packaging to be aesthetically pleasing (that blue does pop), we needed it to be earth-friendly as well.  We use recyclable materials and nearly zero plastic.  Even our caps are custom-designed in metal to eliminate the need for plastic caps.  We partnered with 1% for the Planet as an additional sign of our commitment and donated 1% of our gross revenue to environmental charities.  Partnered with the most storied fragrance house in the world, we then spent 6-months field testing with hundreds of respondents to create the perfect scent, one that would appeal to all users – male, female, and every age group.  We are confident when you open or spray a Liquid Scissor’s product, you will find it mesmerizing and well-measured.  Each Liquid Scissors product enjoys the same signature perfume, thus no fragrance layering issues.  Finally, we spent years perfecting the performance of each product, working to ensure the exact finish, precise hold, and workability was to the highest standards.  No crunch, yet great hold and pliable enough to re-manipulate throughout the day.  Plus, our products wash out easily and will make your hair feel healthier (my wife loves it and she’s from Jersey so has no issue with telling me if it sucked).  We cut no corners. We are confident (painfully so) that we spent more time and money than any other hair styling product company ever to create Liquid Scissors.

Since this is a blog, I was told to be insightful.  How’s this for insight…  One of the most interesting aspects of creating your own product line is the stress that you carry until the end of the creation process, the simple question of will you love it more than anything else you’ve ever tried?  Imagine the disappointment if you got to the end and felt you liked something else better (fuck me)?  For me, it was such a relief when I completely fell in love with our product line.  There is nothing better.

We hope you enjoy Liquid Scissors as much as we do.  Lord knows we spent a lot of time and care in creating it.  Whether using a single product or utilizing multiple to create your perfect styling cocktail, we want you to start your morning in the mirror while resting assured you will achieve the look you are going for every time and have that same twinkle of confidence every day as you set out to take on the world.


Wishing you your Look. Achieved.,
Joseph P. Barberio – CEO/Co-Founder at Liquid Scissors

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