Sustainable Future – Why we chose Aluminum as our preferred packaging:

Say hello to our sustainable friend, Aluminum!

In the world of packaging, plastic and paper dominate the landscape. Yet, in our quest for a sustainable future, there’s a silent hero that truly shines – Aluminum! Lightweight, infinitely recyclable, and simply beautiful. Allow us to introduce you to a new era in hair care packaging.

The Power of Aluminum:

When creating our premium hair care line for men, we were determined to make a difference with our packaging. Enter aluminum, not a newcomer, but a game-changer. Yes, aluminum hair spray bottles have existed for some time, but have you seen one with 100% pure aluminum over caps and no plastic insert? We scoured the market for suitable plastic free over caps and found none. Reducing plastic in our products is a core value. so, we committed to designing and manufacturing our own custom over caps. When we looked for jars to package our Fiber and Clay styling cremes all we found were plastic or glass containers with plastic lids and plastic lid liners. The metal containers we did find were cheap, flimsy, and easily damaged, so again, we committed our energy and resources to design and manufacture our own custom aluminum jar.

Unique Design, Unique Experience:

Simply hold our Liquid Scissors Fiber, and Clay styling cremes, and you’ll understand. Our thick-walled, pure aluminum jars redefine premium packaging with their precision-threaded, engineering beauty – it may seem like overkill for a consumable hair care product until you savor the crisp sounds made when opening and closing, and because they are eco-friendly, and infinitely recyclable they just feel good – in your hand and with what you value. 

Visual Appeal:

Because of aluminum our products are beautiful. Aesthetically, we wanted to preserve the natural luster and beauty of the pure metal by allowing it to shine through our decorations. We don’t wish to hide what is already there. We only mean to enhance the beauty through creative design and manufacturing choices.

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Redefining sustainability and style with our aluminum packaging.

Sustainable Impact:

Aluminum isn’t just recyclable; it’s infinitely so. Choosing it for our packaging isn’t just a style statement; it’s our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Join us in a sustainable journey without compromising on luxury.

Customer Buzz:

Justin T.: “The aluminum jars not only look premium but feel like a conscious choice. The brand’s dedication to sustainability shows in every detail.”

Ready to Experience the Difference?
Explore our new hair care line with aluminum packaging [Liquid Scissors]. Share your thoughts or join the conversation on social media. Let’s make sustainability stylish!

Thanks for taking the time to read,


Bill Allenfort – COO at Liquid Scissors

Bill’s fact of the day:

  1. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable without losing its quality. It can be recycled repeatedly, making it a highly sustainable material.

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